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Classic Cars and Muscle Car Repairs

Sarasota and Bradenton have a considerable number of Classic Cars, Classic Trucks and Muscle cars. We have a lot of experience working on these specialized vehicles and our expertize is sought out by their owners, anxious that our repairs keep the vehicles true to their heritage.

Classic Car and Classic Truck Vehicle Repair Classic car, classic truck and Muscle car enthusiasts are very particular who works on their pride and joy and we are pleased to report that we have been told several times by customers, that we are the best auto repair shop in the Sarasota.

We are passionate about these vehicles and have a good understanding of how they work. We know that you often cannot just buy spare parts from an auto store, so we work with you on finding the best solution. We also love hearing about the history of the vehicle!Austin Martin and Muscle car transmission and general auto repair

Here are a couple of classic cars we have had the pleasure to work on. A 1936 Auburn Speedster and the classic Austin Healey.

If you want to come and have a chat about your vehicle and get diagnostic advice on what may be your problem, simply give us a call on 941 921 5746 or drop by the shop!


Vintage Car Repairs Sarasota and Bradenton