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Auto Repair Services Sarasota

Manny's Transmission & Auto Repair of Sarasota, Florida are highly trained Transmission Specialists. We have the skill and experience to rebuild, repair and replace your transmission so you can get back to business. Are you having transmission trouble? Often people suspect a problem as they may be experiencing overheating, shifting issues, slipping, grinding noises or a sudden drop in engine power. Transmission problems can exhibit a wide array of problems and it is important to get these checked out by a transmission specialist. The transmission is one of the biggest repair bills on a vehicle, so we strongly suggest that you maintain it properly and if you suspect a problem, get it seen to as soon as possible.

Needless to say it is important to stay up to date with transmission maintenance and have regular inspections.

Typical transmission problems include:

General Auto Repair

We provide general auto repair services as well as repair and rebuild transmissions. Hence, we also do general auto repair, car and truck maintenance e.g. oil changes, replace spark plugs, air filters, engine rebuilds, water pumps, ac compressors etc. Just give us a call to find out more.

Free Vehicle Pre-Purchase Checks

Thinking of buying a new car but nervous about the vehicle history, then bring it to us before you buy it for a free Pre purchase check. We want you to be safe and so having our experienced eyes looking over it, may just save you from buying a 'lemon'. We have decades of auto repair experience and can often tell you if it has been in an accident, is repaired well or is dangerous. People often put a 100% faith in a 'Car Fax' and although these can be a very good indicator and we would recommend having a car fax, it is still possible for a 'dodgy' accident repair that has not been reported to an insurance company to not be listed.

A Typical Vehicle Check Includes:

Our Free Diagnostic equipment will be able to tell you how well the engine and transmission is performing, which are as equally as important as the vehicle structure.

Please note as this is a completely free service and although we are very confident and diligent in our inspections, no guarantee of accuracy of any kind is given or implied.

Contact us now on 941 921 5746 and book your check now.